Deploy the downloadable VHD for MsDyn365FO as an Azure VM – Post 1

Introduction and background

Today I want to start a series of posts on how to deploy the downloadable VHD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as an Azure VM without paying too much money for it.

We recently had the challenge, that we needed new/additional development VMs for almost all of our developers and all our Hyper-V hosts where already occupied with existing VMs.

In our case all developers have a MSDN subscription assigned, so each developer has an Azure budget as part of the MSDN subscription. So we decided to evaluate how to use this budget for the new/additional development VMs.

Because it is tricky to use the Azure budget from MSDN subscriptions via LCS deployed VMs, we decided to deploy VMs on Azure by using the downloadable VHD.

The description/process how this works, I will split in the following posts:

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Select a datacenter and a VM size
  3. Prepare the downloadable VHD for the creation on an Azure VM
  4. Create an Azure VM based on the prepared VHD
  5. “D365FO-Benchmark” of some different VM sizes
  6. Monthly costs of the VM configuration of my/our choice
  7. Conclusion

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