Deploy the downloadable VHD for MsDyn365FO as an Azure VM – Post 2

Select a datacenter and a VM size

This is the second post of a series which describes how to deploy the downloadable VHD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as an Azure VM. If you want to read the previous post, please use the following navigation:

–      Introduction and background

Before you can start preparing the VHD for the creation of an Azure VM, you have to think about which datacenter you want to select for your VM and which size you want to use. For this decision you can use the following helpers:

  • You will need a datacenter with latency under 300ms because you need to RDP to the VM and 300ms is the threshold, what you will find as recommendation from Microsoft.
  • There are different costs for the same VM size in the different datacenter and this site has a “best price” column which you can use to find the “cheapest” datacenter for your VM size.

What’s behind the short names of the VM sizes you can find on the following site We decided to use the size B4 of the B-series, because the development process have bursts at compile time and idle times when you write code or think about code :-).

We also decided to use the East US datacenter because it has a latency of ~100ms to our office in Münster Germany and has the lowest cost, a B4 VM costs us 112€ if it runs 24/7. In addition to that we use Standard SSD managed discs because they have a good performance in combination with low costs.

Our configuration should cost round about 120€ per month incl. 8 € for the Standard SSD with 128 GiB if the VM runs 24/7.

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