Deploy the downloadable VHD for MsDyn365FO as an Azure VM – Post 3

Prepare the downloadable VHD for the creation on an Azure VM

This is the third post of a series which describes how to deploy the downloadable VHD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as an Azure VM. If you want to read the previous post, please use the following navigation:

–      Introduction and background

–      Select a datacenter and a VM size

The first step in the preparation of the downloadable VHD is off course to download the VHD from shared asset library in LCS. If you have problems with the bandwidth during the download or experiencing “frozen” downloads this is most likely due to long wire to the West US datacenter, where LCS is hosted. On workaround in this case could be to create a small VM in the West US Azure datacenter and download the VHD from there and afterward upload the VHD to your own Azure storage.

After you downloaded und unzipped the VHD you have to setup a VM for it on a Hyper-V host to change the password of the administrator from the well-known pass@word1 to something more save. The reason behind it is, once the VM is running on Azure it is kind of public accessible and you do not want to have “unwanted” visitors on this VM.

When you’re done with changing the password you can shut down the VM and converted the VHD to a fixed size VHD. If you are not familiar with how to convert the VHD please refer to the following blog:

When you forget the step of converting the VHD to fixed size for some reason, you will receive the error “Only blobs formatted as VHDs can be imported.” when you create a managed disk in Azure based on this VHD.

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