How to find new Feature-Flights in Dyn365FO

In this blog I want to describe how to find new Feature-Flights in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation after you have installed a new version. 

Flights are used to disable new features which will change the user experience. With this concept you are able to explicitly enable new features and not enabling new features by default. The problem with the current concept is that the Flights are “hidden” in the code and there is no consistent list available. There is an announcement of a so called “Feature management” for one of the upcoming releases, which I think will fill this gap, but as of now you have to read code to find those Flights. 

To find the list of Flights for your current release you have to do the following steps:

  • Check the Macros ApplicationPlatformFlights and ApplicationFoundationFlights because most of the Flights are located here
  • Check cross references for path /Classes/Global/Methods/isFlightEnabled, but this will also include the Flights included in the Macros ApplicationPlatformFlights and ApplicationFoundationFlights 

To enable those flights for non-production environment you have to insert a record in the table SYSFLIGHTING as following: INSERT INTO SYSFLIGHTING (FLIGHTNAME, ENABLED, FLIGHTSERVICEID) VALUES (‘CDSAMaster’, 1, 12719367)

After the insert of a new Flight you have to wait round about 60 minutes or you have restart IIS and batch service to see a result in Dyn365FO.

 In my next post I will compile and share a list of Flights starting from version 8.1.2 PU22.

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