Success story: Updating Dyn365FO from 8.1.2 PU22 to 10.0.1 PU25

Now that the first update after the last upgrade is almost one week behind us, I want to share the success story of this update with you. 

One key feature for successful update in the decade of OneVersion is the usage of test automation. The tool to use for test automation in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation is the regression suite automation tool (RSAT). Unfortunately the count of “ready to use” test cases for RSAT was zero before the update and also after the update the figure hasn´t changed. This is definitely an area where we have to and we will work on, or to be more accurate… we are currently working on this area to reduce the effort for manual regression testing for the next updates. 

For the update to 10.0.1 PU25 we used a process I discussed in one of my previous posts. The goal of his process is to be ahead of the scheduled auto-update and to have as much as possible time for (regression-)testing. We started the first round of (regression-)testing on one of the Tier2 environments with the PEAP version of 10.0.1 at the beginning of April. When the GA version was release we immediately update the environment to this version, which happened on the weekend from April 12th to April 14th 2019. After this update the update tile in LCS was back in business and we applied the last builds from there. After almost one month of (regression-)testing we update the production environment with no regression, so the update of the production environment was extremely smooth. We had no bug in pre-production and production which was caused by the update to 10.0.1 PU25. This is simply awesome and builds up a lot of trust to the concept of “ever green” ERP. 

The following picture shows a visualization of the timeline, of what I previously described. There is one major thing to highlight: We had almost one month (four weeks) for validation of the GA-Version. 

Es wurde kein Alt-Text für dieses Bild angegeben.

Now we are on 10.0.1 PU25 and have not yet decided if we also want to take 10.0.2 PU26 or 10.0.3 PU27 or wait for 10.0.4 PU28 when we are (again) force to update.

I´m very interested on your experience with the first updates of the last updates? And in addition to that what is your status in the area of RSAT? Please let me know your experiences in the comments.

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