My first experiences with CDE for Dyn365FO

Now that my first pull request has been approved, I want to talk about some aspects and impressions of CDE (Community driven engineering) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation.

Frist of all I love the idea behind CDE, because you can simply fix obvious bugs on your own without going through support to get them fixed. Another good thing is that you can provide feature which you´re think are missing in the standard application. In my case I found a gap, because a clean-up routine for “Wave processing history log” was missing and I wanted to provide a solution for this gap via CDE.

The first step was to create a new work item in the related Azure DevOps instance and describe what gap has been found and how I plan to fix it. After completing this step the work item has been send for approval to the related stake holder team, in my case the warehouse team. I got the approval very fast and after that I was ready to make the changes.

The development part for CDE is not any different to creating extensions to the standard code, but with the setup provided for CDE you are allowed to change object within the standard application directly. The version control aspect is handled by Git-Repositories in Azure DevOps with branches for each version (10.0.3, 10.0.4, 10.0.5 …).

After committing the changes I had to create a pull request to review my changes. What I can say is that the expected quality by the (Microsoft) review team is very high. My pull request took round about 21 days and 6 commits to go through the review process.

Now after my first pull request has been approved, I´m very proud and honored that there is now a feature in each Dyn365FO installation which has been developed by me.

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