Do you kown delivery plans on Azure DevOps?

In this post I want to describe how we use “delivery plans” in Azure DevOps to build up a time line for your development. If you do not see the “delivery plans” in your Azure DevOps project please refer to the following link:

Before I found the feature “delivery plans” in Azure DevOps, I often had the problem to illustrate a time line for a feature directly in Azure DevOps. Now with the usage of this feature you can show a time line for a feature.

Release plans showing swim lanes for each team separated by sprints. In our case we use generic names for each team (team name = generic name) and we structure them by two week sprints. To reuse the generic teams we map a feature to a team for a specific amount of sprints.

In the following illustrations you can see product backlog items for two features of one epic. The first picture is showing the backlog view and the second picture is showing a “delivery plan” for this two features.

Backlog View
Plan View

I’m very interested to read how you illustrate your development time line in combination with Azure DevOps. Please place your thoughts in the comments.

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