How to change colors per instance for MsDyn365FO

I often got questions on how to change the colors for an specific instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation. Before I saw the following post on Yammer, my answer was yes you can use the color theme directly within MsDyn365FO. The problem with this solution is, a database transfer will also include this setup and change the colors unexpectedly. I common scenario for changing the color is “I do not want to create test transactions in the production environment”, so when the color changes after a database restore this would cause a safety issue. 

Recently a better solution popped up in the linked post on Yammer (but only if you use Chrome).

To use the solution you first have to install the Chrome extension URLColors. After the installation you get a new icon in your browser which you can see in the following picture:

Es wurde kein Alt-Text für dieses Bild angegeben.

You also see in the above picture, the setup which lead to the presentation I´m using as the banner for this post.

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