How to activate deferred put for MsDyn365FO for specific location profiles

In this post I want to show you how to enable the deferred put feature for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation on location profile level only. In general this feature will make your warehouse users happy because they do not have to wait for long put operations any more. To lower the risk of enabling this feature we wanted to enable the feature only for a few location profiles. Because this is not possible out of the box I want to share with you the extension to enable this kind of setup.

Before we extend the flow we need to understand how the standard flow works. As of now (10.0.6 PU30) you first have to enable the following two flights:

  • WHSWorkDeferredPutOperationProcessingFeature
  • WHSWorkBlockingToggle

After enabling those two flights you have to “upgrade blocking capabilities” via the button you can see in the screenshot below:

Es wurde kein Alt-Text für dieses Bild angegeben.

Now you are able to create your work processing policy which you can place in the warehouse management parameters (company level) or on an individual warehouse (warehouse level). When you now execute work via the warehouse mobile app for the work types, you’ve specified in your policy, the flow will only create a “deferred put processing tasks” instead of executing the put step. The put step gets executed in batch without blocking the warehouse user and the user is able to proceed with their next work without waiting for put completion.

Because we wanted to setup the activation of deferred put in more granular way we introduced a “work processing policy” on the location profile level. With this extension we are able to configure deferred e. g. only for put to packing station as you can see in the below screenshot:

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You can find the extension in my repository on Github. The involved elements are:

  • Class: WHSWorkOperationProcessingRuleProviderDfb_Extension
  • AxFormExtension: WHSLocationProfile.DFB
  • AxTableExtension: WHSLocationProfile.DFB

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