This is my understanding of a citizen developer

During my preparation for the Ignite 2019 I first recognized the term citizen developer, because there were special learning paths for citizen developers. First I felt like this session are targeting an audience where I´m not included. After some deeper dive into the agenda of those learning paths I noticed, that almost all sessions covering Power Platform topics are part of the citizen developer learning path. There must be a connection between the Power Platform and the term citizen developer.

In the web you can find different definitions for a citizen developer like the one from Gartner. For me a citizen developer is an employee which is able to use Excel or PowerPoint. Providing this employee with the right tools, like the Power Platform stack, makes him a low code no code developer.

On question that comes with the concept is: Do these citizen developers take/eliminate jobs of “enterprise” developers? The answer is NO! When I citizen developer reaches the limits of the development environment, the help of an enterprise developer is needed. If the enterprise developers delivers kind of Lego pieces, which could be plugged together, to the citizen developer they can work greatly together.

What do you think of the term citizen developer and what’s your opinion on the concept behind it?

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