Using Git with MSDyn365FO

In this post I want to share some details with you about how we use Git with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation. This will only be a starting point because I´ve a lot of other Git related topics in my “backlog”.

First of all I want to clarify that using Git in combination with MSDyn365FO is not officially supported by Microsoft, yet. However we are using Git for a long time for our product (ISV) development process and we are using Git in every new implementation project. I will not cover the initial setup (create repo; .gitIgnore; …) of a Git repository because there is already a post from Nathan Clouse which you can find behind the following link:

My starting point is the tool we are currently using to manage the Gitflows for/during ALM. We are using Fork which is able to handle multiple repositories, can perform almost all Git commands and has a rich well design UI. In one of my next posts I want to talk a bit more about how to use this awesome tool for Gitflows during implementation. In this post a want to highlight the feature: “Initialize Git flow…”which is very useful when you recently created a new repository. Using this feature will create the master and develop branch and define the prefixes for feature, release and hotfix branches. If you want to read more about git flow workflow please follow this link:

Back to the main topic of this post… using git with MSDyn365FO. I want to describe one major aspect of “our” Git integration in the development process of MSDyn365FO because we are using symbolic links in the AOS folder, pointing to the repository folder. With this process we are able to use multiple repositories within the same development environment and we can use the same folder structure in the repository as in TFVS repositories. To create a symbolic link for your repository you have to execute a PowerShell script similar to registerSymbolicLink.ps1 in your repository folder. If you want to get rid of the link, you can simply delete the folder from your AOS folder or execute a PowerShell script similar to unregisterSymbolicLink.ps1 in your repository folder.  After creating a new symbolic link in a development environment you of course have to compile the added package.

6 thoughts on “Using Git with MSDyn365FO

  1. Great insight. but It is interesting to know how do you „sell“ this for customers – „Git in combination with MSDyn365FO is not officially supported by Microsoft“. For example, in case of any external audit(from MS or your competitor), this will be raised as an issue

    1. Not officially supported does not mean that it’s not working, but I think you know that. We haven’t had problems to “sell” that so fare because this is proofen by us for years now. Can you share what kind if issues your thinking about?

      1. Typical example – you have some problems with the client(for example some budget arguments), then it asks competitor partner to do a review. The results will go to the management team, why has no idea what the „git“ is, but they will notice that some „not supported tech is used“.
        So you should have some clear arguments why

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