Are you doing unit testing when developing extension for MSDyn365FO?

During the SCM workshop in Copenhagen in January 2020 there was the question from the SCM team to the audience: How many of you are using ATL for unit/process testing when you’re developing extension?

The result was that only a very few people raised their hands. My question is why? For me and us it’s a mandatory part of the development process, because when you change something in a complex process (even to fix a bug), there is always the possibility to run into other regressions. For me this statement is relevant for (ISV) product development and also project development directly for a customer.

My recommendation is to have at least ATL (end2end) process tests for all highly critical or highly complex processes. If this is not already in place, try to fix bugs in this process with test driven development which means you’re creating a failing test first and validating the bugfix with the previously created test.

What are your thoughts and opinions here and what is blocking you from using this approach?

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