MsDyn365FO Build with YAML file, the future is now!

When your using Git with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation as described in one of my previous posts, you can use YAML files to setup your Azure pipeline. One main advantage of a YAML based Azure pipeline is that the steps and structure of the pipeline is under version control and because of that the ability to validate changes to the pipeline by changing the YAML in a branch and running the pipeline against this branch. In the “old” world of pipelines YAML you had to change and save the pipeline to validate the changes.

To create/change the YAML file you can use a simple text editor or the CI designer in the browser, which you can see in the banner of the is post.

As you can see the below displayed YAML file, there is no big difference to the “legacy” build definitions. For each build step you will a task-section in the YAML which include the type, command and parameters of the step. You may notice that the steps/tasks from the “Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Tools” extension are also available for YAML builds. One additional thing to mention is that the displayed/used YAML file is for an agent/pool which runs on a build VM.

If you want to download and use the displayed YAML file, feel free to get it from my GitHub repository.

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