Message::AddAction() – This is how it rolls in MSDyn365FO version 10.0.10 PU34

In this post I want to highlight a feature which is coming back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation in version 10.0.10 PU34. In older days of MSDyn365FO it was possible to link infolog messages to a menu item including a record to display. This feature was gone since Microsoft moved the whole application to the cloud with version 7. With version 10.0.10 PU33 this feature is coming back as you can read  here:

How the message looks when you use the following code, you can see in the banner of the post:

    CustTable custTable = CustTable::find('US-003');
    MenuItemMessageAction actionData = new MenuItemMessageAction();
    str jsonData = FormJsonSerializer::serializeClass(actionData);

    int64 messageId = Message::AddAction(MessageSeverity::Informational, 
        "@SYS117450",, MessageActionType::DisplayMenuItem, jsonData);

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