Creating Branches and Pull Requests from PBI or Bug in AzureDevOps

This is another post of a series on how to use Git for developing extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation.

There are several ways to create a branch or a pull request when working with Git repository. The smartest way in my opinion is to create those artifacts directly from the PBI or Bug in AzureDevOps. The good thing with the process is that links are directly set and you can see the branch and PR from your PBI or Bug.

The development process will look like this with this minor changes:

  • Create new branch from PBI or Bug
  • Checkout new created branch on the development VM
  • Do your changes
  • Stage changes
  • Commit and push changes
  • Create pull request from PBI or Bug
  • Optional: Commit and push changes related to pull request
  • Complete pull request

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