Are you missing your version control history when using Git with MSDyn365FO

If you using Git with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation as described in one of my previous posts you will notice that you don´t have the ability to view the version control history of individual elements directly from the solution explorer in Visual Studio. The reason behind is the symbolic link, we are using to map multiple repositories into the same AOS folder. With this process the project file or visual studio tries to find the link to version control for the file in your AOS folder and not in your repository folder which is linked to your AOS folder. In this post I want to highlight some alternatives for showing source control history.

Azure DevOps is your new friend

I know that it is a bit more work to navigate to source control history using Azure DevOps, but it is quite straight forward. The only thing you have to do is copy/past the element name e. g. SalesTable to the generic search field of Azure DevOps. If you want a more specific search result you can change the search option from “Relevance” to “File Name”.

Code search in Azure DevOps

As you can see in the picture above you can jump from the web interface directly to history, compare and blame. As a side note you can specify the branches which get considered for code search. You can see the setup on the picture below.

Configure branches for code search

Footer bar in Visual Studio

The more comfort way is to use the footer bar in Visual Studio. In the footer bar you can see the pending changes for your currently selected repository. If you open the pending changes you can compare the changes with the unmodified version und you are also able to jump the history of the file. So if you what to see the history for a specific element I would recommend to save a small change to the file, so you can access it via the changes window. When you´re done with your inquiry you can simply undo your changes within the changes window.

Footer bar in Visual Studio

Show file history from quick launch view in Fork

Another way to quickly display the version control history for a specific file is the feature “show file history” from “quick launch view” of Fork. As you can see in the screenshot below, with this feature you can access the history with only one click and one “paste-action”.

Show file history from quick launch view in Fork

One package per repository

If your only managing one package per repository you can clone your repository directly into your AOS folder. With this solution you´re not using symbolic links and you can use the shortcut from solution explorer directly to the source control history. Detailed steps to setup the process you can find in a post from Nathan Clouse which you can find behind the following link:

To wrap up this post, I´m interested in any hint to activate the shortcut from solution explorer directly to the source control history in combination with symbolic links.

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