How to get bigger trace files for trace parser of MSDyn365FO

Some time ago I posted a small guide on how to get bigger trace files on Twitter. The default setup within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation is to create trace files with maximum size of 1GB. If you reach this limit you will get a “rolling trace”, because the file gets overwritten from the beginning of the trace. The result is that you can’t really use the trace.

If you have to trace longer processes on your development VM you can extend the limit of the trace to whatever limit you want. Nevertheless I would recommend to do not extend it too much, because then you will get into trouble when importing the files into trace parser. To extend the limit you have to change the value MaximumEtlFileSizeInMb in file AOSService\webroot\Services\TraceParserService\TraceParserService.config.

When you got to high with the limit you may see errors when the client tries to download the trace file. When this happens you can easily download the file using the Azure Storage Explorer. You only have to connect to the local development storage and open blob container temporary-file. Here you have to find your trace within all guid-folder. If you´ve found the right folder, you can find the etl-file in the subfolder C:\windows\TEMP.

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