Free up some space on your MsDyn365FO development VM

In this post I want to show you a way to free up some space on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations development VM.

I recently had the problem that I run out of space on the service volume on my MsDyn365FO development VM. Because of that reason I was not able to apply deployable packages because LCS checks if you have min. 15 GB free disc space available. During my search for the most space consuming folders, I found some retail related folder on the service volume, which included a backup of the whole folder for each service update I did for the specific environment. Because my environment exists since May 2019 I did 23 deployments of service updates, so there was quite a big history of backups in the following folders:

  • K:\RetailCloudPos (Size on disc before cleanup: 3,26 GB and after cleanup: 189 MB)
  • K:\RetailSDK\Update (Size on disc before cleanup: 30,3 GB and after cleanup: 1.28 MB)
  • K:\RetailServer (Size on disc before cleanup: 6,47 GB and after cleanup: 532 MB)
  • K:\RetailStorefront (Size on disc before cleanup: 6,30 GB and after cleanup: 287 MB)

To free up the space I´ve simply deleted the backups from those folders, which gave me back round about 44 GB of free disc space and now I´m able to apply deployable packages again.

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